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  • 1933
Contact Person Mauro Di Pietro

The perfect pizza base formula

During the second world war, in the small village of Canzano in the Abruzzo region of Italy, the village baker found himself short of flour due to rationing.

To reassure and guarantee the continuity of the supply of bread to his customers in the village, he had no alternative but to use the leftover bags of flour in his larder to make what he thought could be his final batch of dough.

As soon as the dough had risen and was of perfect consistency, he realized The texture and fragrance were unbelievable! He then used this same recipe to create his pizza bases with the same amazing results.

This ‘secret recipe’ was passed on to Mamma Maria from the same village of Canzano, 15 years ago. She knows the exact quantities to mix using 6 types of flours, ‘mother yeast’ and water, creating the perfect pizza; crispy, tasty, highly digestible and truly mouth-watering !

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