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MOLINI DI VOGHERA – A unique story that has lasted for over 400 years

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Contact Person Davide Pedrolli Export Manager https://www.molinidivoghera.it/en/ d.pedrolli@molinidivoghera.it +393402451340

We are millers since 1610 and our expertise has taught us to choose only the best.

Good quality wheat is not the only thing it takes to produce good quality flour. Premium flour requires different varieties of wheat and the skill to blend them successfully. For our premium ranges, we use 15 carefully selected wheat varieties of controlled origin.

The raw material that we work with is the secret behind our excellent quality.

Premium flour requires different varieties of wheat and the skill to blend them successfully.


“Farina Oltrepò”line: 100% local wheat produced by selected growers.

Oltrepò flour has an exceptional aroma and is ideal for making all kinds of sweet and savoury items.

To produce our Oltrepò Flour we choose only wheat grown by trusted producers who are able to guarantee the quality and the traceability of the raw material we work with.

Oltrepò Pavese, our precious “Km 0”; these 1,000 square kilometres of land enclosed between the regions of Emilia Romagna, Piedmont and Liguria, represent the fundamental ingredient of our unique, top quality product.


The “Pizzeria” line was created by carefully selecting the finest wheat. The special mix of wheats lends the flours in the “Pizzeria” line elasticity and smoothness. The quality of this particular flour is reflected in the long leavening times that give pizzas a light and crunchy texture.


“Ghiottona”: Soft wheat flour

Centuries of experience have led Molini di Voghera to develop the“Ghiottona” line of flours, with the intention of sharing the excellence of these flours with master pastry chefs. The care with which the best wheat is selected and the skilful way in which they are blended produce sensational results.


Being particularly rich in fibre and vitamins, fats and proteins, beneficial enzymes and minerals, these flours are the most complete from a nutritional point of view. The wholegrain flours produced by Molini di Voghera have a raw and dark appearance due to the presence of bran.


“La Rustica”: with pure wheat germ.

Molini di Voghera produces La Rustica flour by milling the grain using ancient methods, slowly and respecting its intrinsic characteristics. The flour is rich in fibre and wheat germ, and contains Omega 3, Omega 6 and vitamins A, E and D which are antioxidants and combat free radicals. It is also highly suitable for bread-making. As it cooks, the wheat germ releases delicious aromas and flavours. Ideal for both sweet and savoury doughs.


Soft wheat flour with a very low ash content, recommended for preparing fresh pasta. In addition to producing exceptional results, it helps retain the light colour of the pasta for a long time even when it is stored without protective packaging.


Centuries of experience have taught us how to select only the best amber- coloured wheat bran, produced in Puglia, in Southern Italy. It is rich in carotenoids which help to prevent cell ageing. “Selezione pugliese” semolina represents the excellence of remilled durum wheat coupled with the quality guaranteed by Molini di Voghera.





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