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Pizza oven briquettes

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Our beech briquettes are made from pure beech sawdust that is compressed under high pressure to create a high performing heat log that burns longer and hotter than kiln dried logs. As every briquette is identical they are great for use in pizza ovens where a constant high temperature is important. Their efficiency and high heat output also make them an excellent fuel for use in log burners and open fireplaces.

Why Use Pizza Oven Briquettes?

Beech briquettes have long been popular with restaurant owners as the ideal fuel for their pizza ovens. Now everyone is discovering that they make an excellent general purpose fuel that can be used in log burners, open fires and fire pits. The secret is in their pure ingredients, very high density and extremely low moisture content. Unlike kiln dried logs which can take a little while to get going, pizza briquettes achieve a high heat very quickly and then burn for a significant amount of time at a constant temperature.

Made from nothing but compressed beech sawdust from sustainable sources, the Normandy briquettes are a highly standardised product. For chefs, this makes it far easier to keep the pizza oven at the ideal cooking temperature than when using hardwood logs. When used in the home you will need far fewer logs to achieve the same heat output and with a moisture content as low as 7% they are a very clean burning fuel, producing almost no smoke and very little ash to clean up afterwards. Some customers like to mix briquettes with kiln dried logs so they the benefit from the performance of the briquette but can also enjoy the smoky aroma of their favourite hardwood. As the briquettes can be easily broken by hand they are excellent for owners of smaller stoves or for when you just want to ‘top up’ a fire without adding a whole new log.

We stock high quality Normandy Beech Briquettes in three consignment sizes to suit both commercial and domestic purposes. The price includes national delivery and you can enjoy significant savings by buying in bulk. If you haven’t bought a product in bulk before then you will find that their standard size and handy recyclable packaging make our pizza briquettes far easier to store and handle than hardwood logs. They are also great for taking on camping trips as they take up very little space and are clean to handle and transport.

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