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Contact Person Francesco Vanoli

Alongside sourcing the very best produce from local Italian suppliers, TICCO’s commitment to excellence is emphasised by the fact that we are the sole distributor of Bindi products and desserts across the UK and Ireland.

Fueled by a passion for bringing the authentic taste of Italy to the UK, TICCO established their business in 1994. Finding a home in central London, TICCO has spent more than 25 years focussing on building a team dedicated to providing high-quality products to our accounts, distributors, supermarkets and restaurants.

Our suppliers have enough volume capacity but the best is to plan a bit in advance if you need full trucks.
RRP (recommended retail price, by SKU) and product 500g size/weight varies depending on the brand.
Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions in terms of size, format or quantity as long as you know we’re there when you need us.

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